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Why Coaching?”

I like helping people. Simple.
…And maybe a little corny.

However, on further inspection, it’s not that simple and in these times, maybe it’s OK to be a little corny!

I can live with that.

I like helping people.
I like making that one-on-one connection with someone, discussing what’s causing them pain, struggle, frustration or even happiness and engaging as a coach to help them work through it all, as they hold themselves accountable for progress and growth.

That’s not so simple! But, it’s worth it.

And honestly I think I’ve always been this way. I’ve worked in the arts, in small business and most recently, in the corporate world and as I looked back, I realized that I have always been in the support of others. In the arts, I was behind the stage supporting those in the limelight. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I was always behind the camera photographing those who needed to be in the picture. Finally, in the corporate world; twelve+ years as a manager, supporting and motivating my teams and over seven years as a Scrum Master and ultimately an Agile Coach, leading, guiding, teaching; helping others grow. I was a Servant-Leader to team-members and teams; always finding ways to support others in their journey.

I thrive on making that one-on-one connection and nurturing from that perspective.
It took many years to come to terms with that and actually embrace it — a life of servant-leadership, if you will.

That’s “Why Coaching?”.
I can’t imagine not doing it.
It’s as if my entire life led me to this one role and I’m totally OK with that.

Here’s what a couple of my clients have said.

If you would like more information, contact me. I look forward to connecting with YOU.

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