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It's OK to Ask for Help

Just don’t… don’t try to go it alone.
I’ve had a helluva a couple of weeks. During my ‘day-job’, my frustrations and flat-out self-doubts at my abilities have been at an all-time high. Not sure what exactly is going on but, it’s been quite difficult. I’m finding myself second-guessing what I do and how I do it, and I’m certain that I’m the only one that ever feels this way… right?
Well, no. Not right. Whether you’re just struggling or whether you’re dealing with a full-blown case of imposter syndrome, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. (And I’m not either)… But when we’re feeling this way, its incredibly difficult to realize and remember that this IS very natural, it is part of who we are and what makes us what we are. I remember having very frank discussion many years ago with a VP of one of the companies that I worked for.. I was discussing imposter syndrome and how I was struggling to deal with it. This particular VP was quite good at ‘cutting to the quick’ of conversations and simply said something along the lines of “there’s not a single person that hasn’t dealt with imposter syndrome at some point in their career… often many times.” That felt good to hear know that it wasn’t just me. We continued that conversation into a discussion about how to use that feeling to move forward, make mistakes and learn and grow. It was incredibly helpful and exactly what I needed to hear.
So, if you forget that you aren’t alone or you forget that others go through the same feelings and self-doubts, don’t forget that its OK to reach out and ask for help. I honestly believe that, ‘we are where we are because of the decisions we’ve made’, but I don’t believe that we’ve done it alone. Any of us. Ever. Ask for help. Reach out. Use it to learn and grow.
You’ll not only find that help will be given but you’ll also make or solidify a relationship or ally.
And that’s never a bad thing.