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Why the Name Black Oak Coaching

Why I chose Black Oak Coaching over just Randal Cox Coaching
I’ve had a few people recently ask me in social media why I chose the name Black Oak Coaching. To be honest, trees have always held a value and interest for me. They especially show up in my photography and in most art that I appreciate. The idea of being rooted, solid in the ground, yet reaching up, reaching out and forever growing and adapting, really appeals to me. Trees also have an ability to bend and be partially formed by their environment; the wind, the soil, surrounding animals and life, and primarily their reaction and adaptation to the seasons of change, all while remaining true to what they are.

There is also something about potential within a tree that I find fascinating - especially when the leaves have all fallen and only the branches remain, stark and revealed. There is the potential for new growth, for new nourishment and new beauty.

My coach training and certification was a time of massive reflection and realignment of who I am and what I want to do with the remainder of my time on earth. This idea of a tree’s growth, potential and living with change really resonated with me as I was learning, practicing a new craft, understanding a new way of seeing the world and allowing myself to create a coaching practice that would hold space for, and help my clients through their seasons of change.

When it came time to identify and settle on a name that truly spoke to the the type of coach that I strive to be, the name Black Oak Coaching, was simple, stable and exact. All the things that a good metaphor for a coaching practice should be.