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What is Coaching?
- Coaching is relationship between a certified accredited coach and the client. It’s having someone ‘in your corner’, truly listening to you without judgment, and then helping you create the life you want, faster and easier than you could have by yourself. It’s a relationship co-created, co-designed and co-active so that you the client, can truly benefit from the experience. It’s present in the here and now and always looking to evoke transformation within you.

Why would someone hire a Coach?
- They want more out of life.
- They want to grow as a person, or in a certain role.
- They want help with a plan and a purpose.
- They want to partner with someone to co-create a new perspective.
- They want to be more focused.
- They want to gain and maintain momentum.
- They want to set and achieve better personal and/or professional goals.
- They want to be happier.
- They want to simplify their lives.
- They want to build better habits and ways of being in the world.
- They want to experience more joy.
- They want to …. (You fill in the blank)
….Honestly, this list can go on and on.

Why can coaching be so powerful?
- Coaching provides an accountability structure for the client.
- The coach has the abilities and tools to help the client see their issues from a different perspective.
- The coach can be a sounding board for the client, without trying to solve their problems. The client already has that ability and a coach can help them realize it.
- The Co-Active Coaching relationship is created by the coach and the client, and together they design an alliance of shared expectations, what to expect of each other and most importantly, how they will ‘show-up’ for each session in honor of the client’s agenda.

But don’t just take my word for it….
Here’s a great article by Forbes that explains it very well!

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