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Already made the decision that you want what coaching can offer?
Introducing my “Pay What You Can” Package.

The “Pay What You Can” Package

- Often-times coaching is purchased in monthly packages or in a specific number of sessions, via phone or video calls, which gives clients the ability to adjust to their schedules and lives. However, that shouldn’t make it difficult for everyone to experience the amazing benefits of coaching

The Package
- Three regular sessions
- First Session - 1.5 hours
- Second and Third sessions - 1 hour each

The Details
- These are regular sessions and you are expected to have the same commitment and priority as if you were paying full price.
I ask that you pay for the sessions up front and we’ll schedule them, at that time.

The Price
- So, what does Pay What You Can really mean?
Honestly - it means just that. I realize that for many people, we are living in troubling times and sometimes we need a little help.
So, you get to pick your price for the package, but there is a maximum of $125 for the entire package, much less than my normal rate.

Additionally, if you choose to continue with me as your coach, this package will count toward the minimum session requirement for coaching packages.

The Coach
- I understand that you and I might not be a great fit for your coaching needs.
That’s OK.
This concept was shared with me by my friend and colleague, Marla Dufek. She’s an amazing coach and an amazing person.

She, and some of her colleagues, are offering somewhat similar packages and I have a network of amazing coaches, that I would be very happy to refer.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me and ask about the “Pay What You Can” Package!

I can’t wait to hear from you!